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We founded a new generation corporation. We received a big challenge and we didn't regret it. We are sincerely believe that by creating a quality product and service, we save the world. We are going with the times. Therefore our company give a product that easily competes on international market. Every project is new challenge to yourself. Each problem is solved individually in conditions as much as possible comfortable for the customer.


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IT development

WEB development

Internet Marketing

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Ivanov Nikita

Art Director

Bogdan Shatilo

JavaScript Jedi

Maxim Kagadii

System Administrator

Leonid Yermokhin

Development Director

Aleksei Kamenskiy

PR Director

Alla Pisanets

Legal Support

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Phone: +38 097 815 67 16

Email: info@r-a.tech

Adress: Dnipro, Vasily Zhukovsky str., 24 room 132